Tuesday, July 1, 2008

2008 Hero Award Show - July 4th - MyNetworkTV - 8-10p.m.

Hi Everyone! This does not seem possible! JT and the 2008 Hero Award Show. We realize it is on 4th of July so we are asking that people set their recording devices and watch at a later time. Make sure you have Kleenexes or hankies, your loved ones, plenty of popcorn and your dancing shoes! The musical guests were incredible! I hope you all come away feeling inspired as much as JT and I did. Even my mom was inspired and touched! This trip was an incredible learning experience for JT and myself. Thanks to WWE for having Michelle McCool and Paul"Big Show"Wight! These two people were fantastic. They took JT under their wings and made him feel like the star for the evening. As I mom, I could not be prouder. I was very concerned that people would be rude or give JT the wrong impression. I could not have been further from the truth. Everyone involved in the show from JT's handler to the production people to the stars themselves made JT feel as though he was the star of the evening. This is no easy task. Taking a boy who is not wanting to be in the spotlight and thrusting him onto stage in front hundreds of people. Big Show and Michelle were nothing short of amazing! JT later told me that Big Show was like a long lost uncle to him. I know have a better impression of the WWE - thanks Big Show and Michelle! What was even more amazing; when JT finished receiving his award and went backstage everybody clapped for him and gave him high fives and the same in the green room - cheers, people clapping, and high fives. When you live in small town such as ours and the media portrayal of celebrities is so negative - this experience showed JT that stars are people too and they can be very giving and caring people. So thank you to everyone involved. I would like to say thank you to Bo Bice and Ace Young. Bo was wonderful to JT and his cousin Amanda. It JT's words, Bo is a very humble man. Ace Young was great to JT. You see JT was falling asleep in the green room and he was a little overwhelmed. Ace was kind enough to see JT struggling and just stepped up. He came over to JT, said a few words of encouragement to him and the next thing I know JT is over with Ace and Ace's guitar player chatting with them. Mind you, these people could have completely ignored JT (JT is only 11) but they went out of their way to include him and comfort him. As a mom, I was amazed and will be forever grateful to these people and the 2008 Hero Awards! This trip help to reinforce all the things I have been trying to teach my son.In the next blog I will tell you more about the Hero Awards and how they are chosen and who supports this great mission!Remember,the Hero Awards are about celebrating and recognizing everyday people who do extraordinary things. On this 4th July, please also say a prayer for those who are serving while we are celebrating our country's birthday. Thank you to each and everyone of you! Go record the 2008 Hero Awards then watch it later with family and friends! As JT says, Dream... Inspire... and Believe! All Aboard!! Monica

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Lucien said...

What JT said is inspiring me! Dream is a key to conquer world. if we "Believe" of ourselves, I am sure that we can be next JT.